I can shop in the States with my Credit Union Debit Card, just like at home.

One less border to shopping in the States with your Credit Union Debit Card

You can now use your Credit Union Debit Card for your purchases on the NYCE Network in the United States, just like at home on the Interac Network.

Interac Direct Payment has partnered with the NYCE Network, a Direct Payment network provider in the US, to make cross border shopping seamless and easy to use. This will allow you to use your Debit Card to make purchases at over 2 million retail locations across the United States including department and club stores, restaurant outlets and participating gas stations. Just look for retailers displaying the NYCE logo.

How does it Work?

As a Credit Union Debit Card holder, you’re already set up. Simply enter your PIN when you make a purchase or pay for a service at any of the retailers that accept NYCE. Your payment will come directly from your Credit Union account.

Important note before you Travel
Some US retailer’s debit card machines do not provide the purchaser an option to select between a savings accounts and chequing account for the purchase. Instead, the machine is set drawn from the chequing account attached to the card. If you do not have an account connected to your chequing button on your debit card, it will not work at these retailers. Please contact us if you have any concerns prior to leaving for the United States.  


What Does this mean for me?

Much like the benefits of carrying your Debit Card instead of cash here at home, knowing you can use your Debit Card in the US means piece of mind and security when traveling and shopping abroad.

  • No need to carry lots of cash
  • No need to buy travelers' checks ahead of time
  • No foreign exchange hassles
  • Reduce your credit card interest charges by paying with debit
  • Get U.S. dollars back at the point of sale at all supermarkets and most pharmacies, saving time and avoiding ATM surcharge fees
  • Less of a target for thieves

How do I know if a retailer is on the NYCE Network?

Look for the red and white NYCE logo or signs that say "ATM/debit cards accepted here" at clothing stores, department stores, gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, and many other retailers. You can also find a list of participating retailers online here or use the ATM Locator online.


Look for Retailers and ATMs displaying the NYCE Logo

Additional Resources

The NYCE website provides great information about their network as well as participating retailers. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about the NYCE Network at NYCE.net.

More Information about the NYCE Network Listing of Popular Retailers on the NYCE Network Find a NYCE ATM